What are the Top 5 Alternatives to Metal Braces?

Several individuals want to achieve those perfect teeth that celebrities have. However, there could be potential issues like discoloration, cracks, chips, and the second to the worst less than having no teeth – is misaligned teeth and/or jaw.  


Having crooked teeth or two makes one feel less confident and more self-conscious. This is due to several factors like improper teeth growth, accidents, and more. Fixing and correcting the misalignment is not an overnight endeavor. Patients need to undergo treatment by wearing metal braces —- typically. Although metal braces are the most popular dental procedure to correct misalignment, a significant number of patients also share their complaints of pain, inconvenience, and costly procedure and adjustments.  


In this article, we will share with you some of the alternatives that cosmetic dentistry provides other than metal braces.  


This is the most common braces alternative and is more removable compared to metal braces, thus making it ideal for those who want to correct little teeth misalignment without completely covering up the whole teeth. This is installed by letting the patient for a braces’ alternative and the orthodontist checking of this procedure is better and functional for the patient.  


Invisalign is also commonly known as the teen braces as this is used to align teenagers’ teeth. And although this procedure and treatment may be better than the metal brace, some people opt for the latter as the former is a little bit expensive compared to metal braces.  



Retainers are typically used after braces to avoid the teeth from relapsing after the treatment is done. However, this dental equipment is also effective in correcting minor dental problems such as a slight gap between two teeth. Aside from the gap issue, retainers can also address overcrowding teeth and malocclusion.  


3.Lingual braces 

Also known as incognito braces, lingual braces are both Invisalign and braces alternatives. Although this can be a little more expensive than traditional braces, lingual braces are put behind the teeth so there is no wiring visible on the front. They are also as effective as metal braces, but more convenient.   


4.Ceramic Veneers 

This dental alternative is made from a ceramic material that can be used up to 20 years depending on the maintenance and is great for those patients experiencing teeth discoloration, chipping, misshaping, and gaps.  


Although they can correct chips and gaps, they are mostly used for correcting appearance especially discoloration and minor issues of an individual tooth.  


5.Ceramic braces 

Unlike the metal braces, ceramic braces are less noticeable as it is made from ceramic that can either be tooth-colored or clear. However, just like the metal braces, ceramic braces also still use metal wires that can be visible whenever you open your mouth. 


Final thoughts 

Although metal braces are what traditionally used and known by most people, technology in the field of cosmetic dentistry has provided several alternatives to metal braces that may reduce inconvenience and possibly avoid pain.  

If you are experiencing misalignments, gaps, chips, and cracks, you may visit your orthodontist and inquire about the possible procedure that cosmetic dentistry provides.